Bath Pillows and Cushions for Extra Comfort

A warm bath is an especially relaxing part of any self-care routine, especially when infused with stress-busting essential oils, nourishing soaks, or skin-safe bath bombs. But there's one thing that can ruin any good long soak: your tub's cold, hard, and uncomfortable ledge digging into the crook of your neck.

Sure, you could opt for a rolled towel. The problem? The second you reach for the wine glass or the new novel on your bath caddy, your towel is bound to come unrolled, becoming a soggy mess. The solution? A comfortable bath pillow. These cushions are not only more convenient but they're also ergonomically designed for proper neck support and comfort.

Sold? Whether you have a standard tub, a completely oval claw foot, or a rectangular one with a super straight back, these are the best bath pillows that'll turn your next bubble bath into a luxury spa experience.

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