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  • Anti Snoring Devices - Healthy Day Shop
  • Anti Snoring Devices - Healthy Day Shop
  • Anti Snoring Devices - Healthy Day Shop
  • Anti Snoring Devices - Healthy Day Shop
  • Anti Snoring Devices - Healthy Day Shop
  • Anti Snoring Devices - Healthy Day Shop
  • Anti Snoring Devices - Healthy Day Shop
  • Anti Snoring Devices - Healthy Day Shop
  • Anti Snoring Devices - Healthy Day Shop
  • Anti Snoring Devices - Healthy Day Shop
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Anti Snoring Devices

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Your Perfect Sleep Partner

Realize the distinctness with our anti-snoring nose vents. Our anti-snoring device provides comfort. Wearing it feels like there is none attached to your nose. It truly is an excellent sleep partner!

All light, super comfortable, and almost invisible. It’s also the finest relationship establisher. Try one out, suffer no more sickening sleep, and build a better connection with your family and friends.

Made with Premium Quality Medical-Grade Silicone

We are offering only the highest quality material to produce these anti-snoring nose vents. They are made with premium quality medical-grade, odor-free silicone known to provide maximum comfort while sleeping. It is a one-of-a-kind sleep partner that can give complete relief and effortless sleep.

Easy to Carry Around

You no longer have to worry about carrying mouth guards or spray bottles during plane rides and long trips. With our Anti-snoring device, it’s super easy and light to carry around. Our value pack includes a storage case with several nose vents.

A healthy and serene sleep routine is the best!

It’s so much easier to stop snoring when wearing these nasal dilators; The Number 1 Solution to Snoring and breathe without difficulty through your nose and wake up invigorated!

If there are no snores, there’s always a relaxing sleep, giving you brimming energy to face your day full of light and life.

You deserve a night of better sleep. 

So, breathe more and snore less with our Anti Snoring Nose Vents. It’s perfectly designed to strengthen and expand the nasal passage to maximize airflow and helps in the prevention of blockages in the throat to stop the sound of snoring.

Now, stop bothering your sleep and your loved ones. Start enjoying a healthy rest and begin seizing the day with an enormous smile on your face!


Material: silicone

Pressure Range: 4-20 cm H2O

Model Number: anti snoring

Item Type: Sleep & Snoring


FORGET ABOUT SNORING ONCE AND FOR ALL: Snoring is a real torment both for your body and for anyone who attempts to sleep next to you! Now, you can enjoy a relaxing sleep and prevent snoring once and for all, thanks to the best anti snoring nose vents on the market!

INSTANT RELIEF FOR YOU AND YOUR PARTNER: These top-notch nasal cones for night breathing are very easy to use. All you have to do is gently insert nasal dilator into your nostrils with a smooth move. Your problem will be solved at the drop of a glove!

WIDE VARIETY OF SIZES AND SHAPES: This must-have snore stopper set includes differently shaped nose vents. Try them on and find the one nasal dilator that best suits you to enjoy the perfect fit.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: The Snore Bastion snoring solution nasal dilators are made of the finest quality, medical grade silicone which is incomparably soft, promising maximum comfort while sleeping.


Can these be used for young children? Around age5-7?

"You can use them for young children only under parent control. The material are soft and save. The set includes two small size vents which could fit to young children. However, we recommend to consult with your pediatrician before using."

Can these be used for running?

"I have never used them for running but I don't see why not. They are pretty sturdy and don't fall out while you sleep. I think you should be good. They are very helpful. You will definitely breathe better with these gadgets."

What is the lifespan of 1 cone?

"I just checked and see that my vents were bought in February 2020 and I still use them almost on a daily basis (July 2020)."


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