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  • Healthy Sutera Pillow - Healthy Day Shop
  • Healthy Sutera Pillow - Healthy Day Shop
  • Healthy Sutera Pillow - Healthy Day Shop
  • Healthy Sutera Pillow - Healthy Day Shop
  • Healthy Sutera Pillow - Healthy Day Shop
  • Healthy Sutera Pillow - Healthy Day Shop
  • Healthy Sutera Pillow - Healthy Day Shop
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Healthy Sutera Pillow

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What does a Pillow have to do with these Turbulent Times?

Now more than ever, we should be concerned with our bodies' health. But sadly, many people ignore a big part of staying healthy: proper sleep.

Memory foam Healthy Pillow - Healthy Day Shop
Scientific studies show that sleep deprivation and having irregular sleep cycles can compromise your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to certain infections.

In these times, many people are doing everything they can to keep their bodies in peak shape. Yet, 35.2% of Americans aren't getting the sleep they need. That's millions of Americans who don't know they could be making themselves more vulnerable to infections.

Luckily, there's a way some people have been able to improve their quality of sleep.

Not Getting Enough Hours of Sleep Could have an Unexpected Effect on People.
Nobody wants to get sick. But unfortunately, not many Americans pay attention to how many hours of sleep they're getting every day.

Memory foam Healthy Pillow - Healthy Day Shop

But What If Your Basic Pillow is Affecting Your Sleep?

There’s a chance your cotton pillow isn’t giving you all the support you need. There's a new pillow that's affordable and comfortable, and Americans love it!


Materials: Memory foam inner core, 100% polyester cover
Weight: Approximate 1150 grams +/-10%
Size: Approximate 60 x 30 x 13/6 cm+/-5%
Item Number: YR1081K
Packaging: Polybag

  • Applicable to all adults.
  • Relieves neck, shoulder and back pain by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to relax fully.
  • Pillow promotes proper spinal alignment.
  • Reduces tossing and turning throughout the night, retains shape for continued support.
  • Works with a standard pillowcase.
  • Washable & Removable cover.
Memory foam Healthy Pillow - Healthy Day Shop


I sleep with my arm underneath my pillow is that possible with this pillow

"The pillow is contoured on both sides so that your arm(s) fit comfortably around it."

Will this keep my head and neck stable and not fall to the side? 

"Yes. Healthy Sutera pillow features an ergonomic design to help support and align your head, neck, shoulder, and back in a neutral position. Your head and neck will not fall to the side."

Do they make a pillowcase And where can I find it? 
"You can use a standard size pillowcase."


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