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  • Tonebomb Roller - Healthy Day Shop
  • Tonebomb Roller - Healthy Day Shop
  • Tonebomb Roller - Healthy Day Shop
  • Tonebomb Roller - Healthy Day Shop
  • Tonebomb Roller - Healthy Day Shop
  • Tonebomb Roller - Healthy Day Shop
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Tonebomb Roller

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Relieve Muscle Tightness In Minutes

This multifunctional massager is the perfect fitness tool! Great for reducing cellulite and relieving muscle pain. Tonebomb helps the whole body after a tough workout.

The four ergonomic rollers revitalize sore muscles and reliefs pain anywhere around the arms, forearms, elbows, legs, calves, or neck.



Its flexible design makes it easy to use all around the body. Getting in those hard to reach areas that a foam roller can't seem to get,

Lightweight and portable design allows you to carry it anywhere. So you can be prepared for any workout without walking around with a huge foam roller in your bag.

In 15 minutes, you can remove pain,  cellulite, and tightness all around your body. Tonebomb helps live a more toned life.


Key benefits

Dual Angle Function- Allowing you to get in the most difficult areas and massage the muscle from different angles. So you can relieve all those aches and pains around the muscle.

Massage & Relaxes- All those tightness and aches you feel around your muscles in various areas. Relaxing stiffness and aches surrounding the muscles.

Convenient- Can take with you anywhere and use and fits right in your bag. So you don't have to walk around with a huge foam roller.

  • Size: 27*25cm
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Weight: 380g
Excellent for a variety of training and rehabilitation exercises


Will this help with cellulite on the thighs
“Yes, self-myofascial release which is known as foam rolling is proven to help with cellulite. Especially with this dual angle your able to press on your thighs from all angles and compress the cellulite.”

What is the best protocol for using it, in terms of how long on each area, for general wellness?
“The best protocol is pretty similar to every area of the muscle.
1. [TIME OF USAGE]. Use the dual angle foam roller on each muscle for at least 30-60 seconds
2. [AMOUNT OF PRESSURE]. 50 percent of pressure (meaning 100 percent of pressure would be as hard as you can squeeze the Dual angle roller, and 50 percent would be half that full amount)
Low intensity stretching after a workout may be better to accelerate recovery and move the metabolites out of the muscles quicker
3. [SPEED]. Use this to your comfort as a variable of different speeds will help
4. [WHEN TO USE]. Before a workout is highly recommended, but after can also cause a good amount of relief.
The individuals who followed this protocol, maintained their increases in range of motion, muscle recovery time, and a big decrease in muscle pain”

Would this be good for lymphatic message?
“Yes it is.”


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